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Attorneys in Plainfield and Joliet for Help Reinstating Your Illinois Driver's License

When you lose your driving privileges, the effect on your life is immediate and drastic. The ability to drive legally is one of those things you often do not appreciate until it's gone. If your license has been suspended or revoked due to a DUI or multiple traffic violations, there are steps you can take to have your license reinstated. At the Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., we help clients through the reinstatement process. Our attorneys prepare you for your Secretary of State hearing and make sure you make the best possible case for getting your license back.

Secretary of State Hearings in Illinois

When your license has been suspended or revoked in Illinois, the only way to reinstate it is through a Secretary of State hearing. The driver's license reinstatement process is not easy and applicants are often denied, particularly if they are not properly represented. At the hearing, the hearing officer asks the applicant over 100 questions. These questions are notoriously difficult to answer properly. Preparing for this line of questioning is an essential step in the reinstatement process.

At our firm, we are experienced in helping clients prepare for the questions they will face in their hearings. We make sure that you are able to present yourself and your case for reinstatement in a favorable light. We also help acquire and present the required documentation for the hearing. We understand how important driving privileges are to your lifestyle and your livelihood, and we strive to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

If your full driving privileges cannot be restored, we may be able to help you obtain a restricted driver permit (RDP) that will allow you to drive to specified locations such as work, school, medical treatment and other places. This can minimize the hardship of a license suspension and bridge the gap before your case is resolved and your full driving privileges are returned.

If you would like to reinstate your driver's license following a suspension or revocation, contact us to inquire about a free consultation. We assist clients in Plainfield, Joliet and throughout Will County, Grundy County, Kendall County, and beyond.

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