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The important thing in the division of property and assets in divorce is to be realistic. Declaring all-out war over a couple of thousand dollars in a savings account may seem like the only way to get what you feel is rightly yours, but litigating a dispute over property division is likely to cost you more than you will get.

A dispute over property and assets can also distract you from a question that is becoming increasingly important in today's economy: Who is going to be saddled with the lion's share of the marital debt? It does not serve your interests to win the fight for a car or house, only to find that the accompanying debt is more than you can handle. You need a lawyer with the experience to help you stay focused on the big picture-your life after divorce.

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The fair division of marital property, assets and debts is very important. You are right to stand up for what you need and deserve. But in the final analysis, there are more important things to focus on. The best solution may be to come to a property settlement that you can live with, even if you don't like some parts of it.

If you have a child, it is even more important to avoid being distracted by a property dispute in divorce. Too many times kids are caught in the crossfire or used as weapons in a divorce. Don't let your child's best interests take a back seat to a fight over money.

At the Plainfield, Illinois, Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C. you will find a highly experienced attorney with more than 20 years of litigation experience and a reputation for being a tough advocate for her clients in the courtroom and at the negotiation table.

When you need a lawyer who can help you work toward a real solution while remaining prepared to take your case to court to protect your interests, contact our offices today to schedule an initial consultation. Our firm serves clients in Joliet and Plainfield, throughout Will County, Grundy County, Kendall County and beyond.

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