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Transactions involving commercial property can be very complex. Anyone who is looking to invest in commercial real estate, buy or sell commercial property, or sign a commercial lease should be sure to understand the legal issues that will need to be addressed. Regardless of the purchase price of the property, the amount of development being done, or the types of businesses involved, it is important to have an attorney review all aspects of any contracts or agreements and ensure that the proper steps are followed during a transaction.

At the Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., our attorneys provide experienced legal representation in matters involving commercial real estate, and we work to find innovative solutions when negotiating contracts or resolving disputes through civil litigation. With our help, you can ensure that your interests will be protected and that you will be prepared for ongoing success.

Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Sales

Commercial real estate transactions can involve a wide variety of different types of property, including office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, industrial centers, warehouses, and more. Different legal considerations apply to each of these categories, and our attorneys can help you understand the requirements you must meet and the laws that apply to your transaction. We can assist with:

  • Zoning and land use - We can ensure that any new buildings or developments meet the requirements of local zoning laws and land use regulations. We can assist in obtaining the proper permits and help avoid any violations that would result in costly fines or other legal issues.
  • Construction - We can draft and negotiate contracts with contractors, and we can help address any concerns that may arise, such as mechanic's liens, insurance issues, or litigation over construction defects.
  • Financing - We can help negotiate the terms of a loan and prepare and review loan documents. We can also help determine whether you qualify for different types of incentives, such as tax increment financing (TIF), public incentive financing, property tax incentives, 1031 exchanges, sales tax rebates, government entitlements, and more.

Commercial Leases

Whether you are an owner who plans to lease property to commercial or residential tenants or a business looking to lease space where you can conduct your operations, it is essential to ensure that the terms of your lease will meet your needs. Our attorneys can help you draft a lease agreement, or we can review your lease and identify any terms that may cause legal issues in the future. We can ensure that your lease addresses:

  • The allowed use of the property, including subletting
  • What types of modifications can be made to the property
  • Who will be responsible for paying for utilities, property taxes, and maintenance
  • Non-compete clauses addressing whether potential competitors will be allowed to lease space in the same area

In cases when disputes arise between commercial landlords and tenants, we can help determine the best ways to resolve these issues, including through the use of arbitration or mediation. If necessary, we can provide representation for a landlord or tenant when litigating these disputes in civil court.

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Buyers, sellers, owners, or tenants of commercial property may need to address a wide variety of legal issues, and it is important to stay on top of these concerns and ensure that they do not affect your company's bottom line. The Law Office of Tedone and Morton, P.C. can provide you with legal guidance and representation when addressing commercial real estate transactions, development, or leases. To learn more about how we can help, contact our Joliet office at 815-666-1285 or our Plainfield office at 815-733-5350.

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