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Joliet car accident attorney cell phone use In recent years, the number of tickets issued to drivers who are pulled over for using a cell phone while behind the wheel has skyrocketed. As a result, the state of Illinois is amending its laws to make cell phone usage a moving violation on the first offense. According to the original law, first offenses of distracted driving - including driving while using a cellular device - would be punishable by a $75 fine but would not be a moving violation. Any offense after the first would be considered a moving violation and include a fine; a second offense would result in a $100 fine, a third would be a $125 fine, and a fourth would be a $150 fine. Under the amended law, a first offense will be considered a moving violation. This law will go into effect on July 1, 2019, and it is intended to keep drivers more alert while operating their motor vehicles. Should an accident occur while a driver is using their phone, that individual can be convicted of a misdemeanor if another party involved suffered bodily injury from the accident. The violation will result in a felony if the distracted driver causes an accident that kills the other person involved.

How Can I Stay Safe While Driving?

It is always best if a driver can avoid any device usage while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. While the use of a cell phone, including texting while driving, is prohibited, Illinois law does allow drivers to make calls when a phone is in hands-free mode, including while using a Bluetooth headset or earpiece. Cell phone usage is not the only way a driver can become distracted while on the road. Things such as eating, applying makeup, shaving, adjusting mirrors and seats, or conversing with a passenger can cause a driver to take their attention off the road, which could result in an accident. The Illinois State Police have provided several safety tips that can help drivers avoid accidents:

  • If a call or text is so urgent that it cannot wait, pull to the side of the road and apply the car’s emergency blinkers to allow traffic to continue on safely.
  • Adjusts your seats and mirrors before getting on the road.
  • Pull over when you have to take care of your child.
  • Pull over to eat any meals.

Contact a Will County Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer

Drivers who use cell phones while driving put everyone on the road at risk, and they should be held responsible for the injuries caused by their recklessness. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor accident involving a distracted driver, a Joliet personal injury attorney at Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C. can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call our office at 815-666-1285 to schedule your free consultation. Sources:


Will County motorcycle accident attorney Now that the cold winter has finally ended, more and more motorcyclists will be coming out to enjoy the warmer climate. Since the roads must be shared by motorcyclists and other drivers, motorcycle accidents can inevitably happen. These collisions can occur because of negligence or ignorance by either party involved. Motorcyclists are not always at fault when accidents occur, and a driver’s failure to see a motorcycle is often a factor in motorcycle accidents. A primary reason motorcyclists are involved in accidents is because motorists are unaware of what a motorcyclist can and cannot do on the road. Another is that drivers often become distracted - whether from using a cell phone, eating, smoking, or another reason - when they should be focusing on the road ahead of them. Like motorists, motorcyclists have laws that they have to abide by. In Illinois, motorcyclists are expected to:

  • Not lane split
  • Have mirrors on the front of their vehicle
  • Use a muffler
  • Wear protective eye gear
  • Be visible by wearing proper clothing and using a front headlight
  • Signal properly with brake lights and position within a lane
  • Be prepared and alert to all surroundings

As a Motorist, How Can I Help Keep Motorcyclists Safe?

Everyone who uses the road is expected to be vigilant of their surroundings. Motorists should take extra care when sharing the road with motorcycles. Some helpful tips to avoid collisions with motorcycles include:

  • Always check twice: If you are turning left onto a road, check once for traffic and again to make sure there are not any motorcycles coming. Often, motorcycles can be hidden behind other vehicles, so it pays to take a turn slowly.
  • Check your blind spot: When you are changing lanes, check your mirrors, but also glance over your shoulder to make sure there is not a motorcycle in your blind spot.
  • Give them extra room: Illinois law says to stay at least a full car length behind another vehicle to avoid fender benders. For motorcyclists, a vehicle should stay even farther back, since motorcycles are able to brake more quickly than cars.
  • Think ahead: Now that the weather is nicer, drivers are likely to experience an influx of motorcyclists on the road. If you are prepared for how to drive around motorcycles, you will not be surprised when you come across them.

As a Motorcyclist, What Can I Do to Avoid a Collision?

According to the 2018 Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual, a motorcyclist can avoid an accident in three ways:

  • Making quick stops
  • Swerving or turning quickly
  • Cornering

In Illinois, motorcyclists are also expected to be more careful when driving on uneven or slippery surfaces. This includes the use of both brakes on the motorcycle, proper signaling with an indicator, and driving more slowly.

Contact a Joliet Personal Injury Attorney

Even when taking these safety measures, accidents can happen. If you are a motorist or motorcyclist who has been involved in an accident, the Will County motorcycle accident lawyers of Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C. can help you. Call our office at 815-666-1285 to schedule your free consultation. Sources:


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Plainfield divorce mediation lawyer While most divorces come with significant stress and intense disagreement, the divorce process does not have to be an all-out war. Even couples who do not currently get along can make divorce less combative, time-consuming, and expensive by avoiding courtroom litigation. One way to accomplish this is through divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation Process

In divorce mediation, spouses reach agreements on the provisions contained in their divorce decree by utilizing a third-party mediator. Divorcing couples do not have to be on ideal terms in order for mediation to be successful. They only need to enter the process with a positive mindset and a willingness to find common ground. A skilled divorce mediator will bring extensive knowledge of Illinois divorce law to the table, along with an ability to settle disputes effectively. This means keeping personal conflicts out of the mediation sessions and focusing solely on the business at hand. A mediator’s job is not to be a couple’s counselor. It is to achieve agreements that benefit both parties in their post-divorce life. That said, an adept touch in defusing potential arguments is a beneficial trait for a mediator to have. Divorce mediators address all issues relevant to spouses in crafting a divorce agreement. This includes the division of marital property, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. Spouses can adhere to exact state guidelines when it comes to asset division and future payments, or they can create their own arrangements specific to their situation. In mediation, a couple has complete control over what happens. In divorce litigation, it is the exact opposite, as a judge will base decisions on the information provided, with little room for nuance. For couples who have children together, divorce mediation can be the first step toward successful co-parenting. It reduces the amount of anger and resentment involved in the divorce process. By working together, you set a standard of cooperation, and your children are spared the negativity that often emanates from prolonged courtroom battles.

Choose a Plainfield, IL Family Law Attorney

At Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., we are prepared to help you navigate the divorce process, regardless of the level of disagreement between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Our experienced Will County divorce mediation attorneys know how to bridge the gap between couples to create an effective divorce decree. To learn more about how we can help you today, call us at 815-666-1285 for a free consultation. Sources:


Joliet marijuana charges attorney While Illinois legalized medical marijuana in 2013, the possession and sale of cannabis by non-registered users remains illegal. These drug charges can have a serious impact on your life, including your employability, your ability to secure loans, and child custody arrangements. Felony charges also carry mandatory minimum sentencing and heavy fines.

Cannabis Possession in Illinois

Like many states, the penalties for simple possession of marijuana have lessened in Illinois in recent years. If you are caught by law enforcement with 10 grams (.35 ounces) or less, it is a civil violation with a maximum fine of $200. Possession of 10 to 30 grams as a first offense is a misdemeanor charge, which can be punished by up to a year in jail and $2,500 in fines. Possession of any amount greater than 30 grams (1.06 ounces) constitutes a felony in Illinois. Penalties range from one to six years of incarceration for 30 to 500 grams (1.1 pounds), to four to 30 years for more than 5,000 grams (11 pounds). Felony possession fines cap at $25,000.

Marijuana Trafficking in Illinois

Consequences escalate for the sale of cannabis. Selling up to 10 grams is considered a misdemeanor, punishable up to a year and jail and $2,500 in fines. The sale of any quantity above 10 grams is a felony. Penalties range from one to six years of incarceration and $25,000 in fines for 10 to 30 grams to between 6 and 60 years and $200,000 in fines for more than 5,000 grams. These penalties increase for any sale on school grounds. Also, the transport of 2,500 grams or more into Illinois doubles the established mandatory minimum sentence.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

If you face a drug charge in Illinois, it is critical to enlist the help of an experienced defense attorney immediately. Your lawyer can first determine if your rights were violated, including whether police officers violated your rights against unreasonable search and seizure. If police misconduct took place, your attorney will likely ask for a full dismissal of the charges. A skilled lawyer can negotiate favorable terms such as probation or court supervision, especially if you are a first-time offender, or perhaps a plea agreement to drop a felony charge to a misdemeanor. They can give you a full assessment of your options once they review the facts of your case.

Contact a Joliet, IL Marijuana Charges Lawyer

At Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., we fight for the rights of our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in each case. To speak with a trusted Will County criminal defense attorney, call us at 815-666-1285 and schedule a free consultation. Sources:


Will County truck accident injury lawyerWith more than two million commercial trucks in the United States and the intense physical and mental demands of the truck driving profession, trucking accidents are a common occurrence on our roadways. Because semi-trucks weigh 20 times more than an average car, when the two collide, the results are often devastating for occupants of the latter.

Approximately 4,000 Americans are killed each year in commercial vehicle accidents, and 100,000 more are seriously injured. Many of these accidents are attributable to truck driver or trucking company negligence. If you were injured in a truck crash, an experienced personal injury attorney can help prove who was to blame and get you the compensation needed for your recovery.

Truck Driver Negligence

As with car accidents, most truck accidents occur due to driver error or inattention. Speeding is a common cause, with more than 1,000 lives lost each year in wrecks involving a trucker going too fast for conditions. Despite a federal limit of 11 consecutive hours behind the wheel, driver fatigue remains a factor, as some drivers skirt the rules at the encouragement of their employers to maximize profit. Prescription drug abuse is another frequent contributor, as many truck drivers have succumbed to the ongoing opioid epidemic. Also, distracted driving has played an increasing role in trucking accidents.

Trucking Company Negligence

Insufficient truck maintenance is to blame for many truck collisions. Faulty brakes are the leading maintenance problem, as an increase to a truck's already sizable stopping distance can prove catastrophic. Malfunctioning headlights, turn signals, and marker lights also cause accidents, as do improperly inflated tires. Another primary hazard is incorrectly secured cargo, which can shift during transport and cause a tractor-trailer to roll over.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A skilled truck accident attorney can conduct a complete investigation to determine who was at fault. This includes a full analysis of reports from the scene, but also on-board data and truck driver logs to see if a malfunction or drowsy driving were to blame. Your lawyer can pursue financial compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Contact a Joliet, IL Truck Accident Lawyer

At Tedone & Morton, P.C., we fight for clients whose lives have been severely affected by the negligent actions of others. If you need a trusted Will County personal injury lawyer who will hold a trucking company and driver accountable and help you receive the compensation you deserve, call us at 815-666-1285 for a free consultation.


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