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When and Why Should I Pursue a Post-Divorce Modification in Illinois?

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The initial process of filing for a divorce and negotiating or litigating the corresponding terms is typically just the first stage of separation. Over time, both individuals’ and their children’s circumstances may change, which could justify a change in the agreement in order to be fair to both parties. There are many reasons why you or your ex-spouse might want to pursue a post-divorce modification. Regardless of the changes in mind, you should seek the assistance of a highly qualified divorce attorney. With his or her legal guidance, you will be able to better negotiate with your ex-spouse to achieve a favorable outcome.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Many circumstances can lead people to seek post-divorce modifications, but the following are a few of the most common. If the party who is paying spousal support loses his or her job, a modification may be necessary to reflect this change in income. Similarly, if a person is receiving rehabilitative spousal maintenance, a modification may be necessary to reflect the change in income once he or she finds a job and is able to properly support himself or herself. 

In many cases, the decisions a couple makes regarding parenting time might have problems from the start. A couple should refine their parenting time allocation to reflect the needs and desires of their children, and one party may seek a modification if he or she feels his or her amount of parenting time is unfair. Much of the decisions made about parenting time have to do with both spouses’ work schedules and lifestyles, so if there is a significant change on that front, an amendment to the agreement may be necessary. 

Child support terms are often altered through post-divorce modifications. If either spouse has a change in income, that can be reflected in a new agreement. It is unusual for a divorced couple to immediately agree on an adjustment to their child support agreement, and the modification can be made through mediation or in court. 

Contact a Will County Divorce Attorney

Divorce and the subsequent negotiations or legal battles can be costly and emotionally challenging, but a skilled Joliet, IL divorce lawyer can help ease the burden and make sure that your needs and rights are being protected to the fullest extent. At the Law Offices of Tedone & Morton, P.C., our accomplished divorce attorneys have years of experience protecting our clients’ best interests in their divorces. To learn how we can help you modify your court orders to reflect the changes in your or your ex-spouse’s circumstances, call our office today at 815-666-1285 to schedule your free consultation. 




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