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What to Expect From Mediation in an Illinois Divorce

 Posted on May 16, 2022 in Mediation

joliet divorce lawyerFor couples who are considering a divorce but would like to avoid a sometimes-lengthy divorce court process, mediation may be the answer. Mediation may allow the couple to work out their divorce in a less confrontational and more collaborative setting. Through mediation, couples can negotiate all the terms of their divorce, including child custody, division of property and assets, division of debt, and spousal support. Even though the goal of mediation is often to avoid divorce court, it is still essential to have an attorney who can prepare you for the mediation process and help you advocate for your rights and interests.

Benefits of Mediation

The mediation process has several benefits for couples who can set aside their differences and work together to reach a settlement.

  • Saves time and money – Working with your spouse through mediation can generally take less time than going through divorce court. Time can be saved in planning for negotiations and avoiding the wait to get on a court’s docket. Less time also means it is a less costly option.

  • A higher degree of satisfaction – Since the spouses are driving the voluntary process, they often feel a more of a sense of collaboration. They may be more willing to make appropriate decisions and sacrifices to reach a conclusion. Neither spouse should feel rushed through the proceedings or pressured to approve of a decision they disagree with.

  • Less acrimony – With a path to a final resolution in sight, spouses may feel more at ease, reducing the tensions that may have built up in the last months or years of their marriage.

Mediation is not for everyone. If couples cannot come together to work and agree on some or all of the details of their divorce, try to manipulate or take advantage of the process, or just can’t come to a resolution, it may be time to set mediation aside. If the mediation process is not successful and the divorce will proceed through divorce court, we are ready to negotiate and advocate on your behalf.

Contact a Joliet Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you are nearing a divorce and would like to learn more about mediation and if it may be the right path for you, contact a Will County Divorce Attorney at Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C.. Our skilled lawyers work closely with clients to help them understand the mediation process and protect their best interests. Contact our office at 815-666-1285 to set up your free consultation today.


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