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What to Consider When Allocating Parenting Time

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joliet child custody lawyer Divorce is difficult for everyone in a family, and children face unique challenges. They will have to adapt to life between two homes in many cases. When a couple with children is divorcing in Illinois, they must develop a court-approved parenting plan that addresses how responsibility for decisions about their children will be shared and a plan for the children’s living arrangements. When developing this second part, also known as the allocation of parenting time, some decisions must be defined. 

Parenting Time Schedule

Parents getting divorced will need to address:

  • How parents will share parenting time - If the children’s time between the parents is split relatively equally, with each parent having at least 40 percent of the nights each year, they are considered to have shared parenting arrangement. This split can influence how child support is calculated but does not change any other rights or responsibilities of the parents.

  • What the schedule for parenting time looks like - This will cover which specific days each child is residing with each parent. It can be determined on a formula basis or day-by-day on a calendar.

  • How the basic logistics of splitting the children’s time will work - It is helpful for the parents to work out details like transportation between homes, the preferred method of communication between them, and other essential details. This will help avoid future conflicts.

  • What happens if the plan needs to change - Unless there has been a significant change to the circumstances of either parent or the children, you are required to follow the original court-approved plan. However, your plan can include room for flexibility and allow for certain types of changes if both parents approve them.

Parents are encouraged to work together to develop the entire parenting plan, but the court must approve it. If they cannot agree, they may each develop their own plans, which are then submitted to the court for consideration, resulting in a court-developed plan.

Trust a Will County Family Law Attorney

If you need assistance through your divorce, including the development of a parenting plan and the allocation of parenting time, the Joliet parenting plan lawyers of Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C. can help. Our experienced attorneys will keep the needs of you and your children first. Call our office today at 815-666-1285 for a free consultation.


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