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Record Warm Temps Dash Hopes of White Christmas, Still Bring Danger

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warm winter, driving hazards, Joliet personal injury attorneyDuring the last couple winters, a weather phenomenon known as a “polar vortex” pushed Arctic air down into the continental United States, causing severe cold snaps. Sub-zero temperatures led to school being cancelled, roadway closures, and countless traffic accidents due to ice and freezing conditions.

This year, however, a different type of meteorological event has been dramatically impacting weather patterns across the Midwest and around the country, and in quite the opposite fashion. Thanks to the second-strongest episode on record of the atmospheric occurrence called El Nino, the season has been unusually mild, a trend which is expected to continue for the remainder of the winter. A more localized event, being referred to a “blowtorch” weather pattern has brought record-high temperatures to much of the U.S. this week, leaving very little hope for a white Christmas anywhere east of the Rockies.

Roadway Dangers Persist

When the snow flies and the slush builds up on area roadways, it is easy to spot many of the dangers associated with winter driving. Warm winters present an entirely different set of challenges, most of them related to holiday hustle and bustle or lack of attentiveness.

According to estimates from AAA, more than 91 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles by road this holiday season, not even taking into account those who may drive across town for a celebration. As such, highways and city streets will be packed with holiday travelers trying to get where they need to go. Traffic congestion is a major contributor to auto accidents, as driving in close proximity to other vehicles greatly reduces the margin for error.

The lack of snow and ice may also contribute to careless driving, another factor in countless accidents each year. In poor weather conditions, drivers often make an effort to remain focused and to drive defensively, but when the roads are clear and dry, it can be tempting to drive too fast, use a cell phone, or to simply pay less attention. It only takes a moment of distraction or inattention for tragedy to strike.

Professional Accident Lawyers

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