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Tips For Emotional Stability During Divorce

 Posted on February 07, 2014 in Family Law

Tips For Emotional Stability During DivorceDivorce is one of the most difficult and challenging undertakings a person's life. While many divorces can lead to greater personal happiness, less stress, and a generally better life, the actual process can be sad and lonely. Despite how common divorce is—some statistics cite that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce—it doesn't mean it's easy. Divorce, according to the Huffington Post, encompasses several difficult processes at once—“having to relocate, deal with the pressures of becoming a single parent, helping your children transition, etc.” are just some of the more challenging aspects of any marital split.

A recent Gallup poll reported by the Huffington Post found that “divorced individuals score significantly lower than married individuals on several measures of well-being including physical and emotional health.” During the divorce process, staying healthy can be especially hard. This can be particularly true “for women who wear so many hat that maintaining their well-being often falls to the bottom of the proverbial to-do list,” according to the Huffington Post. “Even when it's not in the throes of a divorce, women are more likely than men to experience depression,” the Huffington Post reports. Here are three tips that can help anyone come through a divorce emotionally on top.

Keep an active social life.

One of the most difficult things in a divorce can be the separation of friends. Sometimes people you considered close can take your ex-partner's “side” during dissolution—and this can be devastating. “Focus on reaching out to your closest friends so you have a support group.” Check out groups that are made up of other divorced people. Don't be afraid to share your burden.

Be good to yourself.

“When you're in the midst of a divorce, it's easy to forget about taking care of yourself,” states the Huffington Post. Eat healthily, get enough sleep, and carve out some time to go out alone and do something pampering. Go to a movie, work out at the gym—do anything that reminds you of the best aspects of your single life. “We all feel better when we have something to look forward to.”

Remember it's not all bad.

Divorce is one of the most difficult phases of your life. It's all uphill from here. Try to keep a positive attitude and watch other challenges disappear.

Regardless of how you personally handle your divorce, the most important first step is to seek the counsel of a family law attorney. Don't go through it alone. Contact The Law Offices of Cosmo Tedone and Barbara Morton today.

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