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Supervised Visitation and Other Parenting Time Restrictions

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Joliet family law attorneyIllinois courts want to preserve the relationship between a child and both of his or her parents whenever possible. However, in cases where there is a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, or other concerns that place the child’s safety at risk, courts may order supervised visitation or other restrictions on parenting time. Supervised visitation is when a third-party monitor is present at all times during exchanges and visits between the child and parent. The monitor can be a family member, friend, or professional hired for the role. Courts may also order restrictions on parenting time such as limiting the parent’s visits to certain times or places, prohibiting certain activities, requiring testing for substance use or other restrictions. 

Why is Supervised Parenting Time Ordered by the Court? 

The child's best interests are the top priority for the court when deciding parenting time restrictions or any other child-related matter. Supervised visitation may be ordered if it is believed that this arrangement will ensure that the child is provided with a safe, stable and nurturing environment. Domestic violence, abuse, neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, severe mental health issues, or other concerns are some of the issues that may result in a court ordering supervised parenting time. 

Other Parenting Time Restrictions

Supervised visitation is just one of several parenting time restrictions the court may impose to keep a child safe. Sometimes, the amount of parenting time is reduced. A parent may only be allowed to see his or her child once a week, for example. In cases involving severe neglect or abuse, a parent's parenting time may be eliminated entirely. 

Courts can also require a parent to complete a substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation program, attend mental health counseling, or get anger management therapy before being allowed to enjoy unrestricted parenting time. 

If there is a concern that a parent will violate the parenting time schedule, the court can make the parent post a cash bond to the court to assure compliance. 

Sometimes, parenting time restrictions restrict who can be around the child during parenting time. For example, if a parent has a family member with convictions for child abuse, that family member may be prohibited from being present during the parent's parenting time. 

Contact our Plainfield Child Support Lawyer

Parenting time restrictions may be ordered by the court if there is a concern about the child's safety. If you want to petition the court for a parenting time restriction or your own parental rights have been threatened, contact our Joliet child support lawyers for help. Call 815-666-1285 for a free initial consultation. 



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