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Sharing Custody? Make Sure to Discuss These Child-Related Technology Concerns With The Other Parent

 Posted on September 27, 2022 in Child Custody in Illinois

Joliet Child Custody Lawyer

Children are growing up in a world that bears almost no resemblance to the world in which their parents grew up. From smartphones to remote learning, it can seem as if everything is different. If you are a parent and you plan to share custody with your ex, you may worry about how you and the other parent will manage child-related matters as divorced or separated co-parents. There is no way to completely eliminate parenting disagreements. However, many co-parents find that they can avoid future conflict by discussing child-related matters and making a parenting plan before these issues arise. As you and your child's other parent start building your parenting plan, make sure to consider the following technology-related matters.

Screen Time Limits

Many parents worry about the effects of too much "screen time," or time in front of a television or computer screen, on their children. Excessive screen time is associated with obesity, reduced social skills, sleep problems, and even developmental delays. It will be easier to enforce screen time limits if you and your child's other parent are on the same page about the amount of time your children should spend on computers, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Social Media

Will your child have an Instagram or Facebook account? Will he or she be allowed to upload videos to YouTube or TikTok? Parents should make sure they discuss social media usage and brainstorm ways to keep their kids safe online.


More and more children are getting smartphones at younger and younger ages. If your children are old enough to have a cellphone, you and your co-parent should decide when they will be allowed to use it, how much data they will be allotted each month, and what the consequences will be for exceeding those limits. You should also consider installing parental controls on your child's phone.

Remote Learning

If your child's school offers remote learning or if you plan to homeschool your child, you and the other parent will need to work together to make sure that your child has the technology he or she needs, such as a laptop, printer, and internet access. You should also decide who will be responsible for supervising your child's remote learning and ensuring that he or she completes assignments on time.

As you can see, there are many child-related technology concerns that divorcing parents need to discuss and make a plan for before they can start sharing custody of their children. By addressing these issues early on, you and the other parent can reduce the potential for conflict in the future.

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