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Safe Winter Driving Can Reduce Your Risk of a Motor Vehicle Accident

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Joliet auto accident lawyersDriving in snow, ice, and sleet can be dangerous. In fact, those who do not have experience with slick roads are encouraged to avoid driving whenever possible, but if you are required to go out into the weather, there are some tips you can use. If applied consistently, they could reduce your overall odds of a crash this winter season. Learn more about them, and what to do if a motor vehicle accident does occur, with help from the following sections.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

Vehicles that are not adequately cared for are less likely to perform in slick driving conditions, so be sure to prepare your vehicle before you venture out. Change tires that are worn, replace your battery if it is low, and have your brakes checked. You may also want to apply tire chains if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. Fluids should also be checked to ensure that your vehicle runs properly in the colder conditions.

Practice Driving in Low-Risk Areas

When you first start driving in the snow and ice, you may fail to accurately gauge stop times and your ability to maintain control. The best way to overcome these issues is to practice driving in low-risk areas. Parking lots are ideal, but only if they are mostly deserted. Streets with little traffic may also suffice, but travel with extra caution until you get used to how your vehicle handles – each one is different, but there are some general rules.

First, vehicles do take more time to stop when the roads are slick. Also, if you go to stop and your brakes grind or fail to respond, try tapping them gently, repeatedly, until your vehicle slows down enough to stop. Give yourself more following distance and accelerate slowly, as you may be more likely to slide your vehicle if you try to go too quickly.

Pack a Winter Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle

A winter emergency kit can ensure that you are prepared in the event of an accident. Pack flares, sand or cat litter for traction, blankets or additional winter clothing, a first aid kit, a spare charger for your phone, a flashlight, and extra food and water. Keep it in your vehicle at all times and replenish it if you need to use any of the supplies.

Injured in an Accident? You May Be Owed Compensation

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you could be owed compensation. With more than 60 years of experience, Tedone & Morton, P.C. can examine your case to determine what options may be available to you and your family. Get the skilled representation you deserve. Contact our Joliet motor vehicle accident lawyers for a personalized consultation today. Call 815-666-1285 today.


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