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Motorcycle Helmet Safety Tips

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motorcycle-crashNow that the fall season has made its debut, motorcyclists are taking advantage of the brisk air and beautiful colors by riding more frequently. Although most motorcycle riders understand the importance of wearing helmets, many fail to wear them and sustain serious injuries in motorcycle accidents. Let's take a closer look at the parts of a helmet and benefits of helmets for motorcyclists.

Four Parts of a Helmet

A motorcycle is designed to protect the face and brain. In the event a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, a helmet can reduce their risk of suffering serious injuries. Here are the four main parts of a helmet:

  • Outer shell: The outer shell of a helmet is made of a durable material that compresses when it comes into contact with a hard surface. When it compresses, it is able to diffuse the force, before it can severely impact the head;
  • Absorbing liner: The absorbing liner is comprised of a cushion-like material called polystyrene. It is designed to absorb the impact in the event a motorcyclist hits their head;
  • Padding: The padding is the closest material to a motorcycle rider's head. It allows the motorcyclist to feel more comfortable in a helmet; and
  • Retention system: The chin strap on the helmet is called the retention system and keeps the helmet secured tightly during a crash.

All of these parts work together to ensure optimal head and brain safety for motorcycle riders.

Tips for Selecting the Right Helmet

When shopping for a helmet, motorcyclists should opt for one that offers the most comfortable fit and most amount of protection. Some of the most common helmets available include:

  •  Full-face helmet: Full-face helmets are designed to offer the most amount of protection because they completely cover the face and chin;
  • Three-quarter open face helmet: Motorcyclists who choose a three-quarter open face helmet should also invest in goggles or a face protector because it does not come with face and chin protection; and
  • Half helmet: Also known as a “shorty,” a half helmet offers the least amount of protection as it may come off from a motorcyclist's head in the event of an accident.

Although full-face helmets are more expensive than three-quarter open face helmets and half helmets, the extra protection they offer makes them well worth the extra cost.

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