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A DUI Arrest in Illinois Can Lead to Multiple Charges

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Getting arrested for a DUI in Illinois can, undoubtedly, result in a DUI conviction. It is not necessarily the only charge you will face, though. In fact, a single DUI arrest can result in multiple charges. Some can result in serious consequences. If you or someone you love was recently arrested for driving under the influence, the following can better help you understand the situation and possible consequences. You can also learn how to fight the charges, and where to find assistance for your case.

Situations That May Lead to Multiple Charges

Not every DUI case will result in multiple charges, but those that do typically have either additional moving violations (i.e. speeding, driving on a suspended license, etc.) or an element of harm to another road user. However, you can also receive additional charges if you have minor passengers in your vehicle, or were operating a commercial or transit vehicle at the time of your arrest. Further, charges may be added if you have created property damage in an automobile accident and were allegedly intoxicated at the time.

Possible Consequences of Additional Charges

The potential consequences of an additional charge will depend greatly upon the charge itself. Many are classified as felony charges, which tend to carry heavier penalties. First, there is the risk of spending a year or longer in prison. Second, a conviction means a permanent scar on your record - one that could place your future at risk. You may struggle to obtain housing and employment, and could have your license suspended for a significant period of time. Lastly, additional charges may result in monetary fines and restitution to victims.

Fighting Your Charges with Quality Legal Defense

Regardless of the evidence against you, or the situation you are facing, it is possible to fight back against the charges. You should avoid trying to do so alone, however. Instead, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help to mitigate the charges on your behalf. In some cases, it may even be possible to have the charges completely dismissed. You will never know, though, if you do not take the first step.

If you or someone you love has been arrested on a DUI or other charges, the Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C. is the name to remember. Seasoned and committed, our Joliet criminal defense lawyers will fight to help you avoid the consequences of criminal charges. We defend your rights, interests, and future. Schedule a consultation to learn more. Call 815-666-1285.


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