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Divorce Basics: Do You Really Need an Attorney?

 Posted on October 05, 2016 in Divorce

Joliet divorce lawyersThere is really no way around it – divorce costs money, which includes more than just the divorce itself. You and your spouse will likely be splitting assets, and you may even be on the hook for child support or alimony. Some couples turn to do-it-yourself options to manage their costs, but are they really saving money in the long run, or are they potentially making a critical mistake? More importantly, do you really need an attorney to successfully divorce? The following can help to answer these questions.

The DIY Divorce Explosion

From online “divorce packages” to sites that instruct you on how to file all the way to divorce “apps,” there is no limit to the information offered on divorce. Some are complete packages that “guarantee” acceptance of your paperwork. Others are a little more obscure and difficult to understand. However, all pose a potential risk. Some may not be specifically tailored to fit divorce in Illinois, which is going to be different than, say, California. Further, you may be facing extenuating circumstances (domestic abuse, high asset divorce, business valuation, etc.) that are not covered in these online sources.

Understanding the Risk

What could possibly go wrong in a DIY divorce? Truthfully, the possibilities are nearly endless. You could lose out on part of your divorce settlement, or you may mistakenly sell your retirement plan to settle out your divorce when there were other options available to you. Alternatively, you could inadvertently put your child at risk by not getting all the information you need on the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time laws in Illinois. Some of these issues can be costly and time-intensive to fix – some to the point that you would have spent less, had you hired an experienced attorney, right from the start. Others may be completely irreversible.

So Do You Need an Attorney?

Only you can truly determine if you "need" an attorney. However, having one is almost never a bad idea. In fact, an experienced attorney can protect your legal rights. Further, your attorney will handle the legal details of your case, giving you time to deal with the emotional, mental, and financial changes that are occurring in your life. You can focus on your children, and on yourself. Even better, you end up with all of these benefits at a cost that you can (for the most part) manage by knowing when to pick your battles. Certainly, the peace of mind in knowing that the risk of costly mistakes is greatly minimized is also a clear benefit – one that should be factored in when deciding whether or not to hire an attorney.

Contact Our Joliet Divorce Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., we recognize that every divorce is unique. Dedicated to helping you find a divorce solution that will work for your family, we can help you with all your divorce needs, including those pertaining to child-related matters, alimony, and property division. We can even assist you through the mediation process, should you so choose. Learn more about how we can help with your case. Call 815-666-1285 and schedule your consultation with our Joliet divorce lawyers today.


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