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Illinois Marks Distracted Driving Awareness Month With Promise to Crack Down

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distracted driving, Joliet distracted driving accident lawyersEach year in the United States, thousands of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured and killed in accidents caused by distracted driving. The behavior has become such a problem that the National Safety Council has designated April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. As road travel increases around the country during the spring and summer months, efforts are underway to help drivers take steps to eliminate distracted driving. Here in Illinois, the State Police recently announced that officers will be focusing on distracted drivers and holding them accountable for their actions.

Distracted Driving and Work Zones

According to the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), distracted driving is one of the primary factors in accidents around the state and, particularly, in road construction zones. The conditions and variables in work zones can change quickly, and a driver whose attention is elsewhere can suddenly find that he or she is unable to react in time to prevent an accident. IDOT has already announced a large number of roadway improvement projects scheduled throughout the state over the next few months, so it is more important than ever for drivers to be careful.

More Than Just Cell Phones

When the topic of distracted driving comes up, most people's first thought probably involves cell phone conversations and text messages. While the use of electronic devices, including texting while driving, are certainly a problem—and already illegal in Illinois—distracted driving encompasses much more than mobile technology. “Drivers are doing things such as eating, grooming, using mobile phones,” said Captain David Byrd of the Illinois State Police. Talking with other passengers, adjusting the radio, and trying to follow GPS directions can affect a driver's focus and quickly lead to an accident.

Fines and Dangers

The efforts of the Illinois State Police and IDOT in the upcoming months are intended to do more than just punish motorists for distracted driving. They are aimed at increasing the safety of the state's roads and highways, and preventing potentially fatal crashes. Any type of car accident can be, of course, very dangerous and may lead to a lifetime of challenges for those are involved.

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