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Delaying Divorce for the Kids Could Do More Harm Than Good

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Joliet family law attorneysWhen parents are faced with the decision of divorce, they often consider the well-being of their children. While, in many ways, this is a positive thing, it can convince parents to put off an inevitable divorce for the sake of their children. Sadly, this could end up doing more harm than good. Learn more about the risks associated with delayed divorce when you have kids and discover how an experienced attorney can assist you in taking the next step.

Study Shows Conflict is the True Cause of Maladjustment

Research has long shown that kids can be negatively affected by divorce. However, as science learns more about how the brain develops, they learn that it may not be divorce itself causing the negative effects in children. Instead, it could be contention (and the stress that may result from it).

In a recent study, scientists examined data on more than 19,000 children and their families. What they found was that about 50 percent of the non-cognitive “child skill gaps” was caused by a conflict between the parents – not divorce. In fact, divorce seemed to have only a “marginal impact” in the development of these skill gaps, which included behaviors and maladjustments such as dropping out of school, difficulties in the workplace, emotional problems, and poor or tumultuous intimate relationships. This information not only challenges the common belief that divorce negatively affects children; it nearly blows it out of the water entirely.

Should You Stay or Go?

Only you can decide for certain if divorce is the right path for your family. However, there are some indicators that could help you in making that determination. If you are willing to continue working on your marriage and find that your spouse is just as willing, counseling could be worth a try. If you can manage to get along but just are not sure if staying together is the right decision, a legal separation may give you the time and space you need to make a final decision.

In contrast, if you and your spouse struggle to even be in the same room together and find yourselves constantly arguing, you may be causing your children more harm than good. To make matters worse, you and your spouse are probably making one another miserable! So, if you strongly believe that you would be happier apart, have a contentious marriage, or are experiencing abuse, divorce may be the most appropriate path for you.

Whatever you decide, know that Tedone & Morton, P.C. is here, prepared to help you move forward. Dedicated and experienced, we take a personalized approach in every case. Whether you plan to mediate, litigate, or just legally separate, our Joliet family law attorneys can help. Schedule your initial consultation by calling 815-666-1285 today.


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