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Dangerous, Unsecured Loads Can Lead to Devastating Injuries for Other Road Users

 Posted on January 29, 2019 in Catastrophic Injuries

Joliet car crash attorneysIllinois state law requires that truck loads be secured in a safe fashion to reduce the risk of debris injuries among other road users. Federal regulations that govern the trucking industry have this same requirement - but not all loads are carried by federally regulated vehicles. Anyone can haul a load of furniture or a dishwasher across town, and if they fail to secure it properly, it can lead to devastating injuries for other road users.

Unsecured Load Accidents Extremely Common in the United States

According to statistics from the American Automobile Association (AAA), truck debris was a factor in more than 200,000 crashes over a four-year period. Two-thirds of those accidents were involving improperly secured loads. That is just for the federally registered vehicles on the road.

Pickup trucks, vans, suburbans, and cargo vehicles carry unsecured loads as well.

Statistical information may not be available for these types of accidents, but the rate is undoubtedly higher among them. Drivers of these vehicles may get a ticket for an unsecured load, but they are not at risk for losing their right to drive. They also lack the same training as federal truck drivers, so they may not even know how to properly secure a load.

Injuries Caused by Unsecured Load Accidents 

If you have ever had a rock hit your windshield, you know the force that an object can have when it hits your windshield at high speed. Now, imagine a trash can flying out of the truck in front of you. What is your first reaction? Most people will attempt to swerve. If you are lucky, there are no vehicles around you and you avoid the truck.

Sadly, this best-case scenario does not always occur. Some parties crash into the vehicles around them. Others do not manage to avoid the falling debris, so it makes impact with their vehicle. Sometimes, the force is so great, the object goes through the windshield and into the cab of the vehicle. In short, there are numerous injuries that one may sustain in an accident involving an unsecured load, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury,
  • Lacerations and abrasions,
  • Broken bones,
  • Facial fractures or disfigurement,
  • Impalement,
  • Soft tissue injuries (including whiplash),
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder,
  • Amputation or dismemberment,
  • Spinal injuries, and
  • Death or permanent disability.

The one thing that these injuries all have in common is that they create a substantial loss for the victim. Perhaps they are injured to the point that they are no longer able to work, and as a result, their family faces a financial hardship. Maybe the party suffers a severe mental health injury and can no longer drive their own vehicle, and as a result, they have had to completely change their career. Then there are the lost days at work, the cost of medical treatment, and the burial costs when a wrongful death occurs. All these losses - as well as many others - are often compensable.

Contact Our Joliet Unsecured Load Injury Lawyers 

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