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Study Highlights Numerous Complications Faced By Spinal Injury Victims

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Joliet spinal injury lawyersDepending on the severity and location of their trauma, spinal injury victims may experience partial or total paralysis. Yet this is not the only complication they may experience. In fact, one study recently highlighted the numerous challenges that may be faced by spinal injury patients. The following explains, and provides some important information for families and loved ones of victims whose lives have been compromised by negligence.

Understanding the Potential Complications

Unsurprisingly, spinal injury victims are at a high risk for chronic pain. Yet, their lack of mobility places them at risk for many other complications, including life-threatening blood clots, pressure sores, muscle atrophy, constipation, and pressure sores. Other gastrointestinal problems are also fairly common, as are bladder issues, and sexual dysfunction.

Managing the Potential Complications

While risks for certain complications are difficult to manage (i.e. sexual dysfunction, bladder issues, etc.), there are ways to manage some of the other risks. For example, frequently turning and/or repositioning spinal injury patients can reduce the risk of pressure sores. Physical therapy to the level that the patient can handle may also help to reduce the risk of blood clots, atrophy, and constipation. Yet, it is important to remember that the preventative measures may be too difficult to implement for those who are severely debilitated by their injury.

Study Also Examines Cost Associated with Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries typically mean long-term or lifelong treatment for patients. Researchers estimated this cost to fall anywhere from $320,000 to $985,000 per patient within the first year after injury (the time when risk of mortality is highest) and as much as $5 million throughout the individual's life. The estimation of this cost is critical in helping those that have been injured by the negligence of another, such as in a car accident (the cause of nearly half of all spinal injury cases). It helps victims determine if the settlement they are being offered is truly fair.

Protecting Your Right to Pursue Fair Compensation

Sadly, even with an estimate of cost, victims and their families often struggle to obtain fair compensation from insurance companies or other negligent parties. Some experience delays, which are designed to pressure them into taking a lower settlement. Others may receive an unfair determination, or even an outright denial of their claim.

At the Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., we aggressively protect the rights and best interests of victims, including their right to pursue fair and just compensation for their losses. Skilled and dedicated, we will carefully review your case and help you navigate the process. Learn more about how our Joliet personal injury lawyers can assist you. Call 815-666-1285 and schedule a consultation with us today.


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