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Car Accidents & Chronic Injuries

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chronic injury, car accident, personal injury lawyer, car accident attorney, IllinoisWalking away from a car accident means that you are a very lucky individual, but you might not feel that way when you are suffering from chronic injuries for months after the accident.

Many injuries from automobile accidents might not be present immediately after the incident, but can alter your life in a big way. You might find yourself on medication, missing days from work, and going to doctor's appointments or physical therapy to help improve your condition.

While there are many directions that injuries from a car accident can take, some of the most common include the head, back, and neck. Being suddenly thrust forward or backward in a car can cause connective tissue damage. Car accidents put you at higher risk for concussions and other brain injuries, too. With a back or neck injury, you might find that you are suffering from pain and that your overall movement is limited. Treatment options for these injuries vary, but can include bed rest, physical therapy, medication, and even surgery. Some of the pain may never go away, affecting your ability to do daily tasks for the rest of your life. Sometimes, the equipment in your car makes it even more dangerous to go through an accident. A recent study from the Center for Auto Safety discovered that 303 people have been killed as a result of faulty airbags in General Motors Vehicles. Although there were complaints about these airbags dating as far back as 2001, the vehicles linked to the faulty airbags were only recalled in recent months. Faulty equipment in the car could be the grounds for a personal injury claim when injuries or death result from those defects. If you have been injured as a result of another driver's negligence or a piece of faulty equipment inside your own car, contact an Illinois personal injury attorney today.
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