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Why Expert Witnesses are Used in Personal Injury Cases

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expertIn order to support a victim's case, personal injury attorneys often depend on information from expert witnesses. Expert witnesses can provide testimony that is more comprehensive than an everyday individual who may have been involved in an accident may be able to offer. In some cases, an expert witness may be the only individual who can prove that an injury was the result of negligence and how it may impact the victim's life.

Regular Witnesses vs. Expert Witnesses

In most personal injury cases, witnesses may be contacted to clarify any uncertain issues. It is important to understand that not all witnesses are considered expert witnesses. For instance, someone on the street who saw an accident happen is a regular witness. They do not have certain knowledge about a subject that an expert witness may have.

Since expert witnesses are typically busy and expensive, personal injury lawyers only use them when there is a contested issue that must be clarified. The testimony of expert witnesses often determines the outcome of the case.

Types of Expert Witnesses

There are different types of expert witnesses including:

  • Medical Experts: Medical experts are hired to testify about the victim's injuries, treatment options, and recovery. They may be asked to explain how an injury may affect a victim for a certain period of time or for the rest of their life.
  •  Mental Health Experts: Mental health experts are asked to prove how an accident may have affected the mental and emotional well-being of the victim. This information may be used to calculate compensation for damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.
  •  Accident Reconstruction Experts: Accident reconstruction experts have the knowledge and experience to reconstruct exactly how an accident arose. They may use special computer programs or drawings to do so.
  •  Economics Experts: The role of economics experts is to testify how an injury has and will impact the financial situation of a victim.
  •  Engineering Experts: Engineering experts may describe how a road's design contributed to an accident. They may be used in motor vehicle or premises liability cases.
  • Manufacturing Experts: When there is a belief that a certain product or part led to an injury, a manufacturing expert can help. For example, they may find that faulty brakes led to a car crash.

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